28 years oldhe/him pronouns (additional pronouns below)names: dani, rufio, feral, pup, puppy, dog, mutt, mongreledtwt (@psychodogthing)queer, transmasc, mixed poc + second generation immigrantfoster / hospice carer of senior + disabled + chronically ill dogsbdsm leather titleholder (nw puppy 2020/2021)multiply disabled + chronically illschizophrenic and dissociativeautisticatypical anorexia, arfid


  • He/him

  • They/them

  • It/its (only when referring to non-human alters or psychotic mindset)


  • Dog

  • Pup

  • Puppy

  • Bark

  • Mutt

  • Woof

  • Stray

  • Cur

Please note my Twitter, Wordpress etc. does not contain trigger or content warnings.

This is a personal “blog” for me to vent my feelings, frustrations, and experiences of being chronically ill, multiply disabled, mentally ill, and neurodivergent.

It’s a lot to manage, and I do not currently have the emotional capacity nor executive function to trigger warn every tweet.

Please let this act as your broad trigger warning. This blog will contain the following:

various psychotic ramblings, including content that includes talk of hallucinations, delusions, unreality, of self harm and suicidal ideation, and possibly suicide attemptstalk of PTSD / cPTSD events, including potential mentions of sexual assault and abuse- talk of body / gender dysphoriatalk of DID / identity shifts and problems including what I am currently describing as “””species dysphoria””” for lack of better language to talk about my experiencedescriptions of dissociationpotentially graphic descriptions of chronic illness, painful conditions, of eating disorders and body dysmorphia* note about my ED: I have done intense work including years of therapy and being a part of body positive + feminist circles + movements for around two decades now. I even have a BA in women/gender/sexuality studies and if there is one thing I have learned it’s that sometimes no matter how much work you do, you cannot undo the harm that living in a fatphobic (and otherwise prejudiced) society has and continues to do to you. my eating disorder and body dysmorphia has nothing to do with how I view other people, and only to do with how I view my own body. it is purely internalized shame and hate and disgust. eating disorders are a mental illness, not a world view. end note.—
This account will contain everything from memes and shit posts to vents and more serious emotional journaling entries.Please understand that I created this account because I needed a personal space to vent uncensored so that I wasn’t bombarding my other usual social media platforms with my emotions when things get intense.
I hope this account, if anything, helps folks realize they aren’t alone in their experiences and thoughts and feelings. You aren’t alone, and there are people out there who understand.

Part of why I’m so open about what I have got going on is that I want to reduce stigma and increase awareness of those with these disabilities, and multiple disabilities and illnesses in general. All of these are professional dx’s, and yes it seems like a lot, but rly it’s just one body and one brain and many of these are commonly comorbid.

autism spectrum disorderalexithymiasensory processing disorderavoidant restrictive food intake disorderdyspraxiaatypical anorexiageneralized anxiety disordersocial anxiety disorderpanic disordertreatment resistant depressionearly onset schizophreniaschizoaffective disorderakasthisiaanhedoniaavolitioncatatoniaalogiadepersonalization - derealization disorderdissociative identity disorderpost traumatic stress disordercomplex post traumatic stress disorderborderline personality disorderulcerative colitisehlers-danlos syndrome (eds)postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (pots)mast cell activation syndrome (mcas)fibromyalgiaallodyniamyalgia + myositisperipheral neuropathyasthmapoly cystic ovarian syndrome (pcos)chronic migraineendometriosishidradenitis suppurativaarthritisscoliosispseudo seizures (pnes)compromised / suppressed immune system


transphobeshomophobes / any kind of queer basherwhite supremacistsfatphobesableists / sane-istsABA supportersmisogynistsright / conservatives“transmedicalists” / truscumcops + supportersecofacists / militant vegansamerican nationalists / colonizersanti-kink/bdsmanti-agere


Highest Adult Weight:
(BMI 36.5)

Lowest Adult Weight:
(BMI 22.5)

Current Weight:
(BMI 24.87)

Net Weight Lost:

Goal Weights:

(no longer obesity class 2!)

(no longer obese bmi!)

(no longer overweight bmi!)

(lowest adult weight!)

(underweight bmi!)


Ultimate Goal Weight:


(BMI 16.5)